Lightroom & Photoshop Presets

Presets are stored settings that achieve a particular look with a single click. In newer versions of Lightroom, hovering over the preset name will cause the main window to update with a preview of the preset.  When clicked, all the Develop sliders that create the look move to match the settings in Lightroom. McAra Visuals have made presets to work across a range of photos to help your work follow and create style which can be used and set up for each individual or clients.

We strive for a creative touch, while creating timeless edits, that last forever. Giving you a true Film effect They are tried and tested using in my business for over ten years on raw files with very happy clients. You can use on all major brand cameras like Canon, Nikon, Leica, Sony, Fuji and Pentax. They will help you cut down your editing time.

professional presets
Lightroom presets